Mercill Avenue Condos at 105 Mercill Avenue


This partnership with Mercill Partners will result in 30 ownership units - 20 one-bedroom homes and 10 two-bedroom homes - for households working in Teton County. Teton County is providing the land for this development, which is valued at $2,100,000 and Teton County has owned since the early 1980’s. Teton County is also paying to move the existing historic structures for the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Musuem ($65,000) and to demo the remaining buildings ($65,000) which will cost an estimated $130,000. 

Groundbreaking: Spring 2021

Anticipated Completion: December 2022

Total Units: 30 ownership homes, 20 one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom. Includes five revolving employee rights of first purchase. 

Affordability: Two 50-80% MFI, Two 80-120% MFI, 26 Workforce 

Public investment per unit: $74,333

The historic cabins were removed from the property and placed on Town property while the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum works to ready their new site on the Genevieve Block. The Town of Jackson is providing this storage space for free. 

Crews have completed grading for a new access on the western portion of the property and asbestos mitigation. Building demolition is anticipated in early 2021.