Frequently Asked Questions for 75+

If I am not 80+ and I fill out the registration, will my information be saved when my age group is included?

No. We will filter out any submissions that do not meet current criteria and will not save the information for the future. You will have to re-register when your age group is included.

Do I need an email to sign up or to make appointments?

No. However, giving us an email will allow us to send you a registration confirmation, appointment confirmation, and reminder emails. If you do not have your own email, is there someone (family, neighbor, caregiver) that you are in contact with that would be willing to list their email.

How do I know my submission was received?

If you include an email in your submission, you will receive a confirmation email that your information has been submitted. Please assume, if you gave your information over the phone and/or did not include an email your information has been added to the system. Please do not call us to confirm receipt of your registration.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Weekly selection from the registration list will occur on Fridays, and those selected will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the following week. The form will continually remain open so that individuals can register to be selected for an appointment. Everyone who registers will receive a vaccine if they so desire; however, we will be vaccinating each age group for multiple weeks. This is based on vaccine supply.

If I am not selected one week, will I need to re-register each week?

No. Your name will remain registered. When registration ends, the following week selection will again be done by age. 

What if you have moved on to another age group and I still need my vaccine?

Please fill out the registration form and you will be included in the selection process once you are added. The weekly selection is based on age.

How will I be notified when I am selected?

You will receive a call from the Health Department when you have been selected so we can schedule you for your appointment.  You will also be  asked screening questions to make sure that you can receive the vaccine. These include but are not limited to allergy questions, isolation/quarantine status, and adverse reactions for other vaccines.

Once I add my name to the registration how long will it take to be selected to be scheduled for a COVID vaccine?

The amount of time spent on the registration list will vary based on Teton County’s COVID-19 vaccine supply. It could be as short one week or as long as several weeks to be selected for an appointment. The selection process is based on age.

What type of COVID-19 vaccine will I receive?

It is unknown which vaccine you will receive. Teton County has the freezers needed to receive both the Pfizer and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  The vaccine you receive will be based on the supply sent to Teton County from the Wyoming Department of Health’s allotment.  In January Teton County is expected to get all Moderna vaccine. They are both mRNA vaccines, however they are not interchangeable.

When will other age groups be able to register?

Teton County Health Department will provide updates weekly to show the progress of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in our community.  How quickly we move to other age ranges is based on demand from the age range we are currently working on and also our monthly COVID-19 vaccine supply.

Do I need a Doctor’s order to get the vaccine?

No. You do not need an order from your MD. If you have questions about receiving the vaccine due to your specific medical condition then please check with your MD prior to receiving the vaccine.

Can I talk to someone medical about the vaccine?

Yes. Please call our main number, 307-733-6401, option 1 for the clinic, option 1 for the COVID center, and 3 for more vaccine questions to speak with a nurse. They cannot register you but can answer your questions. A receptionist will take your name and a nurse will call you back.