Refund Policy

Refund Policy- Programs
Refund request must be received 2 calendar days prior to the program start date; otherwise, no refund will be provided unless we can find a replacement for your spot in the program. 

Medical Injury/ Illness Policy 
If there is a medically documented injury/illness we will prorate a refund after we receive written medical verification from your physician which must be received prior to the end of the program.

Any prorated refunds must be approved by the Recreation Program Manager or his/her designee.

*Camp Jackson and Kids Club Refund Policy- There will be a processing fee for any changes to your schedule if the change happens 7 business days prior to the camper starting. Once we are within the 7 days there will be no refunds possible.  

Refund Policy- Recreation Center
Customer Service Representatives are to issue a refund upon request to a customer if:

  • The customers reasonable use was inhibited by the closure of a facility.
     IE. the family showed up for family swim and the leisure pool closes before they could enjoy it.
  • The customer experience is ended due to an “Act of God”. IE. Power Outage, Fire, or any other uncontrollable closure of the facility. *
  • Any refund request, outside of those listed above, should be directed to the Customer Services Supervisor.
  • No refunds on open and/or used merchandise.

*Customers utilizing the facility greater than one (1) hour prior to closure are not eligible for refund.

Refund Policy- Facility Rentals 
Refund request must be received 2 calendar days prior to the rental or reservation time and date; otherwise, no refund will be provided. Extreme inclement weather events may be evaluated on a case by case basis for a possible refund.  Parks & Recreation Director or his/her designee shall make the determination if such an instance occurs.