Three Creek Pathway Repair Project

3-Creek Overview

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Three Creek Pathway Repair Project – Summer 2021

Repair root damage to pathway.  Roots from the mature cottonwoods along the east side of the pathway have damaged sections causing cracking and buckling of the pathway surface.  The damaged sections of the pathway will be removed and replaced.  In addition, a vertical, semi-ridged, root barrier will be installed along the east side of the new pathway sections.  The root barrier will prevent future damage to the pathway from encroaching roots.   There are also sections of the pathway, not yet root damaged, where only the root barrier will be installed, preventing future root damage to the pathway.

Contact Info:

Project Manager 

Lloyd Wiser

Engineering Technician

Teton County Public Works – Engineering

P.O. Box  3594

320 S King Street

Jackson, WY 83001


Office: (307) 732-8578

Mobile: (307) 699-8160