When is a zoning compliance verification needed?

A zoning compliance verification (ZCV) is a Planning permit to ensure compliance with County regulations. It can be required by staff for review of natural resources/setbacks on a property where an environmental analysis is not required, or for review of visual resources within the Scenic Resource Overlay. It can also be used voluntarily to have a planner to research a property and answer specific questions, or to confirm the status of a non-conformity on a property. 

A ZCV is also a required step prior to submitting an application for a Boundary Adjustment. This allows planners to look into the proposed changes and ensure the new lot configurations are in compliance with the LDRs. 

There are different checklists for each of these purposes available to reference when preparing a ZCV application. 

The checklists and the Planning Permit Application can be found on the Teton County SmartGov Portal

Once a ZCV application is submitted, a planner has two weeks to check the application for sufficiency (i.e. includes all the required submittal materials outlined on the checklist) and then will provide a review within 45 days of determining the application sufficient. 

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