Private Wells and Springs

A test is recommended immediately after:

  • A flood
  • Seismic activity
  • Well maintenance
  • Distribution system maintenance
  • New well construction
  • Change in water color
  • Change in water odor
  • Change in water taste or before:
  • A real estate transaction and more often with:
  • A history of bad samples

Drinking water testing for private water systems are recommended to be tested for bacteriological contamination at least once or twice per year. High water season is the perfect time to test; the high water increases the chances of your water system becoming contaminated. If your well head or water system is flooded you should consider your well to be potentially contaminated and have your water sample tested before using the water to drink, prepare food/baby formula or wash dishes.


Possible indicators that your water may be contaminated are: a chance in color, odor or taste. Water sampling bottles and instructions are available at Teton County Environmental Health. Water samples are tested by the Teton County Water Laboratory Mondays and Tuesdays. Please submit samples before 2 p.m.