Meet Anne & Cody

How long have you lived in the community?

I have lived in the Jackson/Wilson area since 1990, on and off to finish University, then mostly full time here starting in 1995.  Cody came here I believe in 95 or 96.  Our daughter was born here, 9 years ago yesterday!

What do you do here (for work)?

I have a gardening business of my own.  In the winters I work in preschools and work retail at Stio, and have a care taking business.  Cody owns a painting business.  In the winter he is a ski patrol.  Cody is also a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

Why do you choose to make Jackson home?

We chose to make Jackson our home because of the fresh clean healthy lifestyle!   We love anything in the outdoors, skiing, hiking, camping , climbing, rafting.....  We can’t even think of a better place in the US to raise a child!

In what ways do you engage with your community?

I would say we engage with the community through our jobs, ski patrol, fire/ems, preschool teacher.....  We enjoy the arts very much and support the art association as well as theater, music.....

How has affordable home ownership impacted you?

Finally owning our own home has given us a great sense of peace.  We also feel like we can be more involved and committed to the community as we feel we have both feet in the door so to speak.  Where as before we were constantly looking for other options for places to live in other communities in the west.

What’s your favorite part about owning your own home?

A sense of security for us and our daughter.  Never ever having to move again!