Meet Brandon & Sheila

How long have you lived in the community?

We have lived in Jackson for 14 years

What do you do here (for work)?

Sheila works for Epsilon Technology Corp as a Quality and Service manager and Brandon works for The Wort as a National Sales Manager 

Why do you choose to make Jackson home?

Is this a real question? Just look around! It is the best playground we ever could've found and WE GET TO LIVE HERE!!!

In what ways do you engage with your community?

Any way we can. We love this community. We have both participated in building Habitat for Humanity homes, picked up trash on Town clean up day and we attend numerous Chamber mixers. We try and support our friends when they are performing concerts, art shows, etc and we try and buy from local businesses when we can. 

How has affordable homeownership impacted you?

We are so blessed to have gotten an affordable home. Every day we wake up and thank our heavens for it. It has led to such joy and happiness. Our little girls are SO incredibly happy that we have a house and just the joy on their little faces as we arrive home is worth everything to us. It has made the biggest positive impact in our lives that one could imagine. 

What’s your favorite part about owning your own home?

We get to live in Jackson and not have to worry about not having a place to rent or not. It takes the stress away from that aspect and lets you truly relax and enjoy life!!!