About the Operations Division

The Operations Division of Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is comprised of approximately 80 Firefighter/EMS personnel housed in six firehouses. Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is a combination department, which means that emergency response is handled by both volunteer and career firefighters. Firehouses 1 and 6 are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by career personnel who work in ABC shifts under the direction of a Captain.

All Jackson Hole Fire/EMS firehouses have volunteer members, who carry pagers and respond to emergencies form home or work. Jackson Hole Fire/EMS is an all-hazard response organization, answering calls to service for medical emergencies, structure fires, wild land fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills and technical rescue incidents.

Station Captains are responsible for fire equipment repair and maintenance in their firehouse and report any major problems to Administration's Maintenance Officer. Maintenance of the station and equipment is conducted by weekly crew duties during which thorough checks are made of equipment to ensure the ready condition of all apparatus, tools, and equipment.

Flag Hanging from Fire Truck
Personnel Holding American Flag